Our Partner Hospitals/Clinics

When deciding on the right place for your surgery, ensuring safety and quality is essential. In our clinic located in Phloenchit, we prioritize minor surgical procedures within our dedicated operating room, while major surgeries are conducted in reputable affiliated hospitals. Let’s explore the available options to guarantee the best possible experience for you, our valued patient.

Minor Surgical Procedures at Our Clinic

Our facility in Phloenchit features a cutting-edge operating room specifically designed for minor surgeries. This setup aims to provide a more personalized and comfortable experience for patients undergoing minor procedures. The convenience of having these surgeries performed in-house enhances the overall positive experience for our clients.

Major Surgeries at Affiliated Hospitals

For major surgeries requiring specialized facilities and additional resources, we collaborate with distinguished hospitals. These affiliated hospitals are selected for their outstanding track record of excellence and unwavering commitment to patient safety. Your plastic surgeon will meticulously discuss the available options with you, guiding you through the process to ensure peace of mind and optimal outcomes.

Collaborative Decision-Making Process

We strongly believe in collaborative decision-making, where you, as a patient, play an active role in selecting the ideal setting for your surgery. Your plastic surgeon will provide comprehensive information regarding the benefits of each location, assisting you in making an informed decision. Your safety and satisfaction remain our primary focus, as we strive to foster a transparent and supportive environment throughout the journey.

Whether you choose to undergo a minor surgery at our clinic or a major surgery at one of our affiliated hospitals, rest assured that your safety and well-being are our utmost priority. Place your trust in our expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care. Your journey towards achieving your desired aesthetic goals begins here, with our partner hospitals and clinics standing by your side.