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Bangkok Thailand Plastic Surgery

Whether you’re considering a cosmetic procedure or a reconstructive surgery, Bangkok, Thailand has become a hub for plastic surgery in recent years. Known for its high-quality medical facilities, experienced surgeons, and affordable prices, Bangkok offers a unique experience for those seeking to enhance their appearance. In this blog post, we will explore the world of plastic surgery in Bangkok and dive into the reasons why it has become a popular destination for individuals from all over the globe.

Why Bangkok Thailand?

  • Quality Medical Facilities: Bangkok is home to state-of-the-art medical facilities that adhere to international standards, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for patients.
  • Experienced Surgeons: Thai plastic surgeons are well-known for their expertise and precision, having undergone rigorous training and possessing years of practical experience.
  • Affordable Prices: One of the main attractions of Bangkok plastic surgery is the cost-effectiveness compared to Western countries, without compromising on the quality of care.

Popular Procedures

Cosmetic Surgeries

  • Breast Augmentation: A popular choice for those looking to enhance their bust size or correct asymmetry.
  • Rhinoplasty: Nose reshaping procedures are sought after to achieve a harmonious facial profile.
  • Liposuction: Removing stubborn fat deposits from various areas of the body for a more contoured silhouette.

Reconstructive Surgeries

  • Facial Reconstruction: Helping individuals regain their confidence after accidents or medical conditions affecting their facial features.
  • Breast Reconstruction: Providing options for breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies.
  • Scar Revision: Improving the appearance of scars caused by injuries or previous surgeries.

Patient Experience

Visiting Bangkok for plastic surgery not only offers top-notch medical care but also allows patients to immerse themselves in the rich culture and beauty of Thailand. From exploring vibrant markets to indulging in delicious street food, patients can combine their medical journey with a memorable travel experience.

The allure of Bangkok Thailand plastic surgery lies in the perfect blend of quality medical care, skilled surgeons, and affordable prices, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking cosmetic or reconstructive procedures. If you’re considering plastic surgery, why not explore the possibilities in Bangkok and embark on a transformative journey that enhances both your appearance and your overall well-being. With Bangkok Thailand plastic surgery, the possibilities are endless!

Breast Augmentation Package Prices

Motiva Ergonomix- 155,000 Thai baht

Are you considering breast augmentation surgery in Bangkok, Thailand? Look no further! Here, we have outlined the prices for various breast implant options to help you make an informed decision. Let’s take a closer look at the different package prices offered in Bangkok:

  • Motiva Ergonomix: Priced at 155,000 Thai baht, this option provides a natural and soft feel due to its ergonomic design. It offers a personalized fit for each individual, ensuring a comfortable and aesthetic outcome.

Motiva Silk Surface- 125,000 Thai baht

  • Motiva Silk Surface: With a price of 125,000 Thai baht, this implant option is known for its smooth surface texture which reduces the risk of capsular contracture. It provides a natural look and feel, enhancing your overall appearance.

Mentor Ultra High Profile- 135,000 Thai baht

  • Mentor Ultra High Profile: Priced at 135,000 Thai baht, this option is ideal for individuals looking for a more prominent projection. It offers a high level of customization to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

Mentor Memorygel Xtra- 135,000 Thai baht

  • Mentor Memorygel Xtra: With a price tag of 135,000 Thai baht, this implant option provides a firm yet natural feel. It offers long-lasting results, ensuring satisfaction for years to come.

Mentor Smooth/Textured- 105,000 Thai baht

  • Mentor Smooth/Textured: At a price of 105,000 Thai baht, this implant option provides versatility with both smooth and textured surfaces. It offers a range of options to suit individual preferences and needs.

Allergan- 90,000 Thai baht

  • Allergan: Priced at 90,000 Thai baht, this implant option is a cost-effective choice for individuals seeking quality results. It provides a reliable and trusted solution for breast augmentation surgery.

Silimed- 75,000 Thai baht

  • Silimed: With a price of 75,000 Thai baht, this implant option offers affordability without compromising on quality. It is a popular choice among those looking for reliable results at a reasonable price.

Sebbin- 75,000 Thai baht

  • Sebbin: Priced at 75,000 Thai baht, this implant option provides a comfortable and natural look. It is a suitable choice for individuals seeking a subtle enhancement to their appearance.

At Bangkok Thailand Plastic Surgery, we offers a wide range of options for breast augmentation surgery, catering to different preferences and budgets. With varying prices and features, you can choose the implant option that best suits your needs. Whether you prioritize comfort, aesthetics, or affordability, there is an option for everyone. Don’t hesitate to explore these options and make an informed decision for your breast augmentation journey.

Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn Plastic Surgery For Men

Penis Enlargement 

  • Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn offers safe and effective penis enlargement procedures for men seeking to enhance their confidence and satisfaction. 
  • With a focus on natural-looking results, Dr. Theerapong utilizes advanced techniques to ensure optimal outcomes. 
  • Patients can expect a personalized approach, with detailed consultations to address concerns and goals. 

Penis Lengthening 

  • For men looking to increase the length of their penis, Dr. Theerapong provides expert guidance and tailored solutions. 
  • Through innovative surgical methods, Dr. Theerapong can enhance both the appearance and functionality of the penis. 
  • Patients can anticipate a positive experience throughout the process, from pre-operative discussions to post-operative care. 

Premature Ejaculation 

  • Dr. Theerapong offers comprehensive treatments for premature ejaculation, focusing on improving sexual performance and satisfaction. 
  • Through a combination of medical expertise and specialized techniques, Dr. Theerapong helps patients overcome this common issue. 
  • Patients can trust in Dr. Theerapong’s dedication to delivering results that enhance both physical and emotional well-being. 

Penis Curvature Correction 

  • Men dealing with penis curvature can benefit from Dr. Theerapong’s expertise in corrective procedures. 
  • By addressing the underlying causes of curvature, Dr. Theerapong helps patients achieve a straighter and more aesthetically pleasing result. 
  • Patients can feel reassured by Dr. Theerapong’s skill and commitment to providing personalized care throughout the treatment process. 


  • Dr. Theerapong offers frenuloplasty procedures to address issues with the penile frenulum, enhancing comfort and function for patients. 
  • With a focus on gentle and precise techniques, Dr. Theerapong ensures optimal outcomes and minimal discomfort. 
  • Patients can rely on Dr. Theerapong’s expertise for effective and tailored solutions to frenulum-related concerns. 


  • Dr. Theerapong specializes in orchidectomy procedures for men seeking surgical removal of one or both testicles. 
  • With a compassionate approach, Dr. Theerapong provides comprehensive care and support throughout the process. 
  • Patients can trust in Dr. Theerapong’s expertise and dedication to delivering safe and successful orchidectomy surgeries. 

Scrotal Lift 

  • Men looking to address sagging or excess skin in the scrotal area can benefit from Dr. Theerapong’s expertise in scrotal lift procedures. 
  • Through meticulous surgical techniques, Dr. Theerapong helps patients achieve a more youthful and harmonious scrotal appearance. 
  • Patients can feel confident in Dr. Theerapong’s ability to deliver natural-looking results that enhance both aesthetics and comfort. 
  • Seeking plastic surgery treatments for men’s genital concerns can be a sensitive and personal decision. However, with Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn’s expertise and dedication to patient care, men can trust in safe and effective solutions tailored to their individual needs. 
  • Whether considering penis enlargement, lengthening, correction of curvature, or other related procedures, Dr. Theerapong’s friendly approach and commitment to excellence set him apart as a trusted provider in the field of men’s plastic surgery. 

Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn MD Male Female Surgery Package Price

A. Surgery Package price:

  1. Peritoneal Pull-Through Vaginoplasty – 605,000 Thai baht
  2. Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty (laparoscopic Technique) – 585,000 Thai baht
  3. Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty (Open Technique)- 405,000 Thai baht
  4. Standard method, which includes penile inversion and scrotal skin graft – 355,000 Thai baht
  5. Minimum Depth Vaginoplasty- 355,000 Thai baht6.. Zero Depth Vaginoplasty – 285,000 Thai baht

Included in the package price:

  • Fee charged by a surgeon
  • Fee charged by anesthesiologist
  • Duration of hospitalization ranges from 5 to 7 days.
  • Hospital-based nursing care
  • Medication for a duration of 1-2 weeks
  • 1 set of dilator and douches sets
  • Thai Interpreter and English Staff

B. Surgery Package price with Accommodation Stay and Nursing Care (up to 30 days)

  1. Peritoneal Pull-Through Vaginoplasty – 675,000 Thai baht
  2. Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty (laparoscopic Technique) – 655,000 Thai baht
  3. Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty (Open Technique)- 475,000 Thai baht
  4. Standard method, which includes penile inversion and scrotal skin graft – 425,000 Thai baht
  5. Minimum Depth Vaginoplasty- 425,000 Thai baht6.. Zero Depth Vaginoplasty – 355,000 Thai baht

Included in the package price:

  • Fee charged by a surgeon
  • Fee charged by anesthesiologist
  • Duration of hospitalization ranges from 5 to 7 days.
  • Hospital-based nursing care
  • Medication for a duration of 1-2 weeks
  • 1 set of dilator and douches sets
  • One-month accommodation in a condominium.
  • A duration of 30 days, which is approximately equivalent to 4 and a half weeks. Provision of private nursing care at the condo, including morning and evening wound care and vaginal douche.
  • Airport transportation services for pick up and drop off
  • Thai Interpreter and English Staff
  • Complimentary Breakfast for a duration of 30 days.

Note: There will be an extra charge if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is above the normal range. Body Mass Index (BMI) ranging from 24 to 28: An additional amount of 30,000 Thai baht.

Male To Female Plastic Prices In Thailand

Thailand has long been known a popular destination for surgery due to its high-quality medical facilities, skilled surgeons and affordable prices. When it comes gender-affirming surgeries, there are cost differences between procedures for male-to-female (MTF) and female-to-male (FTM) transitions. In this blog post, we will delve into the specifics of male to female plastic surgery prices in Thailand, comparing various procedures to help individuals make informed decisions about their transition journeys.

Male To Female Plastic Surgery Prices

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) aims to reshape masculine facial features to appear more feminine, including procedures such as rhinoplasty, forehead contouring, and chin reduction.

The average cost for FFS in Thailand ranges from $8,000 to $15,000, depending on the extent of the procedures and the surgeon’s expertise.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a common procedure for MTF individuals looking to enhance their feminine silhouette.

In Thailand, the cost of breast augmentation surgery typically falls between $3,000 to $5,000, varying based on the type of implants chosen and the clinic’s location!!!

Voice Feminization Surgery

Voice feminization surgery involves techniques to modify the pitch and resonance of the voice to sound more feminine.

Prices for voice feminization surgery in Thailand can range from $2,000 to $7,000, with factors such as the complexity of the procedure and the surgeon’s skill influencing the cost.

Genital Reconstruction Surgery

Genital reconstruction surgery, also known as vaginoplasty, is a crucial step in the MTF transition process.

*In Thailand, the average cost of vaginoplasty ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the surgical technique chosen and post-operative care provided.

As you consider your options for male to female plastic surgery in Thailand, it’s essential to understand the range of prices for each procedure and how they align with your budget and desired outcomes. By comparing costs and consulting with experienced surgeons, you can make well-informed decisions to support your gender affirmation journey. Remember, the most important aspect of any surgery is your safety and satisfaction, so take the time to research and choose reputable clinics and experienced surgeons who prioritize your well-being above all else.

Good luck on your transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment!

Breast Augmentation Thailand

Breast augmentation in Thailand has become a popular choice for individuals seeking enhancement. With advanced medical facilities, experienced surgeons, and competitive pricing, Thailand has established itself as a hub for cosmetic procedures. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why many choose breast augmentation in Thailand, the process involved, and what to consider before making this decision.

Why Choose Breast Augmentation in Thailand

  • Cost-Effectiveness: One of the primary reasons individuals opt for breast augmentation in Thailand is the lower cost compared to Western countries. This cost-saving does not compromise the quality of the procedure or the expertise of the surgeons.
  • Highly Skilled Surgeons: Thailand is known for its reputable plastic surgeons who have extensive experience and training in performing breast augmentation procedures. Patients can feel confident in the hands of these experts.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The medical facilities in Thailand are equipped with modern technology and adhere to international standards, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for patients.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Many individuals choose to undergo cosmetic procedures in Thailand due to the discreet and confidential nature of the process. Patients can maintain their privacy throughout the treatment.

The Process of Breast Augmentation in Thailand

  • Consultation: The first step in the breast augmentation process is a consultation with a plastic surgeon. During this meeting, the surgeon will discuss the patient’s goals, assess their eligibility for the procedure, and recommend the best approach.
  • Pre-Operative Preparation: Prior to the surgery, patients will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. This may include lifestyle changes, medication guidelines, and fasting instructions.
  • Surgery: The breast augmentation surgery is conducted under anesthesia, and the duration and technique used depend on the patient’s preferences and the surgeon’s recommendations. The surgeon will make incisions, insert implants, and close the incisions with sutures.
  • Recovery: After the surgery, patients will be monitored in a recovery room before being discharged. It is essential to follow post-operative care instructions provided by the surgeon to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Considerations Before Choosing Breast Augmentation in Thailand

  • Research: Before opting for breast augmentation in Thailand, it is crucial to research the surgeons, facilities, and reviews thoroughly. Ensure that the chosen surgeon is board-certified and has a track record of successful procedures.
  • Travel and Accommodation: Consider the logistics of traveling to Thailand for the procedure, including visa requirements, accommodation options, and transportation arrangements.
  • Communication: Language barriers may exist, so it is advisable to work with a medical facilitator or choose a clinic that provides translation services to ensure clear communication with the medical team.

Breast augmentation in Thailand offers a blend of affordability, quality, and expertise, making it an attractive choice for those considering cosmetic enhancement. By understanding the process involved, the reasons for choosing Thailand as a surgical destination, and the necessary considerations before undergoing the procedure, individuals can make an informed decision that aligns with their aesthetic goals. Whether seeking a subtle enhancement or a significant transformation, breast augmentation in Thailand provides a path to achieving desired results in a safe and professional setting.

Male to Female Labiaplasty Revision by Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn

Specializing in labiaplasty revisions for Male to Female individuals undergoing gender affirmation procedures, Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn plays a pivotal role in ensuring that physical appearance aligns with gender identity. Renowned for his expertise in transgender surgeries, particularly labiaplasty revisions, Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn emphasizes the importance of this procedure in enhancing comfort and confidence for transgender individuals.

Labiaplasty revision involves correcting or enhancing previous labiaplasty outcomes, especially beneficial for transgender individuals post male to female gender affirmation surgery seeking further improvements in genital appearance. Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn’s meticulous approach guarantees optimal aesthetic and functional results for every patient.

With a wealth of experience in transgender surgeries, Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn stands out as the preferred choice for labiaplasty revisions. His patient-centered care and understanding of individual needs ensure exceptional results and unwavering support throughout the surgical journey.

In the surgical process, Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn carefully evaluates previous procedures, discusses patient goals, and utilizes advanced techniques to adjust the labia minora and/or labia majora, all while preserving sensation and functionality. The focus remains on achieving natural and aesthetically pleasing results through precision and attention to detail.

After the procedure, patients receive a personalized recovery plan to aid healing and minimize discomfort. Gradual resumption of activities is expected within days, leading to the final outcome – a more symmetrical, well-defined, and feminine appearance of the genitalia as swelling subsides.

Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn’s unparalleled expertise in male to female labiaplasty revision empowers transgender individuals to align their physical appearance with their genuine gender identity. Choosing a compassionate and skilled surgeon like Dr. Theerapong Poonyakariyagorn can greatly impact the achievement of desired outcomes, facilitating comfort and confidence in one’s body. Take the first step towards feeling at ease and self-assured by scheduling a consultation today.

FAQS Of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty refers to a surgical procedure that involves altering the labia minora or labia majora of the female genitalia.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves altering the labia minora or labia majora of the female genitalia.
Labiaplasty is a surgical technique that entails the excision of surplus skin from the vaginal opening to revitalize the vaginal region. Postpartum, women may experience the presence of redundant skin, which can be alleviated through surgical intervention, ultimately contributing to the restoration of their self-assurance.

Who is eligible for labiaplasty?
Women who experience self-consciousness regarding the aesthetic aspect of their vagina may be suitable candidates for undergoing labiaplasty.
What can I anticipate during a labiaplasty consultation?
During the appointment for labiaplasty, the surgeon will thoroughly review your comprehensive medical history, dedicate time to comprehend your objectives, and address any inquiries you may have. He will address the anticipated and foreseeable results, elucidate the intricacies of the procedure encompassing the methodology, the recuperation process, the potential hazards, the expenses, and the available financing alternatives.
Where is the location of the labiaplasty surgical procedure?
The surgeon does labiaplasty treatments in both his clinic’s operating room and the connected hospital.
Which anesthesia is typically administered during labiaplasty?
Labiaplasty can be conducted using either general anesthesia or local anesthetic.
What is the procedure for performing labiaplasty?
The surgical cut for labiaplasty is made on the labia minora, which are the two little folds positioned between the labia majora. After making the incision, the surplus skin folds are removed.
What is the duration of a labiaplasty surgery?
The duration of the labiaplasty procedure typically lasts approximately one hour.
Does labiaplasty cause significant pain?
Following the labiaplasty treatment, patients may have mild discomfort, which can be well managed with medication.
What is the duration of the postoperative healing period following labiaplasty?
The postoperative recuperation period following labiaplasty typically spans from one to two weeks.
What is the postoperative recuperation process following labiaplasty?
The anticipated recuperation period following labiaplasty typically ranges from one to two weeks for patients. Minor ecchymosis and edema may manifest in the vicinity of the labia and adjacent tissue. No stitches require removal as dissolvable sutures are utilized. Patient discomfort can be effectively alleviated by the use of medicines.
What is the expected timeframe for my resumption of work following my labiaplasty procedure?
Patients typically experience a quick recovery and can resume work the day following the labiaplasty treatment.
What is the recommended timeframe for resuming physical activity following a labiaplasty procedure?
Patients should refrain from engaging in vigorous exercise and activities for a period of around four to six weeks following the labiaplasty treatment.
What are the potential hazards or adverse outcomes associated with labiaplasty?
Possible dangers or complications of labiaplasty may encompass hemorrhaging, infection, and scarring.