Scrotal Skin Grafting Technique In Thailand

Scrotal Skin Graft is a technique for creating a neo-vagina with scrotal skin rather than penile skin.

The fundamental distinction between non-penile inversion and penile inversion is that employing scrotal tissue usually results in more depth since it can be stretched more easily than penis tissue. However, if you have already undergone procedures that have impacted the scrotal tissue, such as testicular excision, this may influence the technique and depth.

Preparation Before Surgery:

 Medical history evaluation, including allergies and significant medical conditions.

drugs (both prescribed and non-prescribed), physical

Examinations and laboratory testing will be performed during the consultation.

 Avoid smoking for 3-4 weeks before surgery, as nicotine can interfere.

with circulation and will significantly alter the healing process.

 Avoid alcohol for a week prior to surgery and throughout recovery.

Recovery period.

 Avoid taking drugs like hormones or anticoagulants.

Use anabolic steroids and supplements for at least 4-6 weeks to avoid complications.

Prior to surgery, avoid consuming aspirin and anti-

Anti-inflammatory medications and herbal remedies can also cause bleeding.

 Psychiatric examination indicating suitability for SRS surgery. Our surgeon needed one certificate from your native nation and one from Thailand.

 Our surgeon requires HIV testing before booking your procedure. We only accept HIV (-) customers due to the difficulty of the procedures.

During this procedure:

You will be under general anesthesia for your penile inversion vaginoplasty, laying on your back with your legs raised in stirrups.

Operating time:

It takes 6–8 hours.

Type of anesthesia used:

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Hospital or clinic stay:

A five-night hospital stay

Days of stay in Thailand:

At least 21 days.

Risks and complications:

There are always dangers involved with surgery, but vaginoplasty problems are uncommon. Antibiotics are usually effective at clearing up infections. Some early dangers after surgery include:



Skin or clitoral necrosis.

rupture of sutures

Urinary retention

Vaginal prolapse.