Dr. Viroj Vong, MD

Dr. Viroj Vong is a highly skilled specialist in hair transplantation, dedicated to helping individuals, both male and female, who are facing unwanted hair loss caused by factors such as stress, genetics, medication, scarring, or burns. He provides effective hair transplant procedures supported by a warranty, as he recognizes the psychological impact the condition has on his patients. Dr. Vong, the creator of Thai Micro Hairline and a distinguished member of the prestigious American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, specializes in several hair transplant techniques including strip harvesting, FUE, natural hairline restoration, and body hair transplantation.

He developed pioneering methods for treating burns and hair issues, and he also authored numerous research papers in reputable journals due to his profound dedication to his field of specialization.

After successfully completing his internship in Hair Restoration Surgery in Chicago and New Jersey, Dr. Vong concluded his four-year residency at Chulalongkorn Hospital in Bangkok. In addition, he was awarded a Fellowship in Hair Transplant Surgery from NHI in Beverly Hills, California in 1998.