FAQS Of Transverse Frontal Line

Transverse frontal line refers to a horizontal line that runs across the forehead.

Which candidate is the most suitable for this procedure?

Physically fit and healthy individuals experiencing transverse frontal frown lines as a result of aging.

What is the procedure for performing surgery?
The process executed is identical for both brow lift and forehead lift.

What may I anticipate post-surgery?
To minimize postoperative swelling, it is crucial to maintain an elevated position of the head for many days. There may be lingering numbness and transient discomfort in the area around the incision for a few days, but this may be managed with pain medication. The occurrence of bruising and swelling typically diminishes significantly within the initial week. The bandages will be removed within one to two days following the brow lift operation. The sutures from the surgical procedure are often extracted within the initial fortnight, however this timeframe may differ among individuals.

What are the potential hazards and potential complexities?

Adverse outcomes resulting from surgical procedures are few and generally not serious. The main hazard, akin to any surgical intervention, is the occurrence of infection. Additionally, one must take into account the potential hazards of skin and nerve injury.