FAQS Of Nasolabial Fold Correction

Nasolabial fold correction refers to a procedure aimed at addressing and improving the appearance of the fold that runs from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth.
Is the use of injectables the appropriate option for correcting your nasolabial fold?
Injectable fillers are the predominant treatments for correcting nasolabial folds. These devices function by exerting outward pressure on the creases. Common choices consist of hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, as well as Radiesse, Sculptra, and Prevelle Silk injections.
Is a facelift the appropriate option for correcting your nasolabial fold?
Facelift is a complex surgical procedure that involves a substantial recovery period and carries inherent hazards. It is not advisable to get a facelift exclusively to address nasolabial fold repair. If you have further worries about the aging of your face, in addition to your nasolabial folds, a facelift may be a viable choice.
A mid-facelift procedure can effectively enhance the appearance of nasolabial folds, which are the lines that extend from the nose to the mouth, and elevate drooping cheeks. The deep plane lift procedure, sometimes referred to as SMAS, specifically targets these locations. No facelift procedure fully corrects nasolabial folds. To obtain a more thorough understanding of the potential hazards associated with facelift procedures, the financial investment required for a facelift, and the process of recovering from a facelift, we recommend visiting our dedicated sections that provide detailed information on these subjects.
Is opting for cheek implants a suitable decision for correcting your nasolabial fold?
Occasionally, a little cheek implant may be inserted in the submalar area (beneath the cheekbone) to alleviate the prominence of the upper portion of the nasal labial folds. While injectables offer less downtime and hazards, opting for this permanent treatment entails a higher level of downtime and risks. The outcomes are also enduring. To get additional details, kindly refer to our comprehensive page on cheek augmentation.
Is Nasolabial Fold Excision the Optimal Option for Addressing Your Nasolabial Folds?
If you possess significantly deep or inverted nasolabial folds, opting for nasolabial fold excision may be the most advantageous course of action. The surgeon administers local anesthesia to the area and thereafter excises the nasolabial folds from your face, followed by suturing the incision site. An evident drawback is the presence of a visible scar. Additional potential complications associated with nasolabial fold excision encompass adverse reactions to anesthesia, particularly when general anesthesia is administered, the formation of seroma (accumulation of fluid beneath the skin), hematoma (accumulation of blood), asymmetry, incision puckering, incomplete correction of the nasolabial fold, and overall dissatisfaction with the cosmetic outcome.
Price of Nasolabial Fold Correction
The cost of a nasolabial fold repair operation might vary considerably depending on the available treatment choices. The cost of surgical nasolabial fold excision can range from $2,000 to $4,000. This operation is classified as cosmetic and is not eligible for insurance coverage. Inquire with your surgeon about potential payment options if the cost is excessively high.