FAQS Of Chin Advancement

Mandibular advancement

What preoperative preparations should I undertake before to my surgery?

In order to mitigate potential difficulties and minimize risk factors, it is imperative that you cease smoking, consuming alcoholic drinks, ingesting hormone tablets, herbal supplements, and medications (save those authorized by your physician) for a minimum of two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. Individuals afflicted with illnesses want approval from their medical specialist prior to undergoing surgery.

Will there be conspicuous scars?

The presence of a scar beneath the chin or the absence of any visible scars can be determined by the choice of either an extra-oral or intra-oral surgical method.

What is the duration of the recovery period?

The pain and edema associated with chin implant surgery will progressively decrease over a period of 1-2 weeks, but with chin advancement surgery, it may take up to 3 weeks for them to subside.

What may I anticipate post-surgery?

There will be a temporary restriction in the mobility of the mouth and lips. Your physician will prescribe dietary limitations until your incisions have fully healed. The level of discomfort seen with chin advancement is typically more intense and enduring compared to chin augmentation.

What are the potential hazards and potential complications?
Common surgical hazards encompass hemorrhage, unfavorable reaction to anesthesia, infection, delayed wound healing, asymmetry, nerve damage, and the potential necessity for additional surgical intervention. Potential complications of using an implant include the occurrence of skin thinning around the implant and the possibility of implant displacement due to chin trauma. In the absence of these issues, the silicone implant can remain in position for the duration of your life.