FUE Hair Transplant Thailand

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. 

Each follicular unit is individually uprooted from the scalp during a FUE hair transplant operation, with no strip of tissue removed. 

Hair follicles will randomly uproot, resulting in a decrease in hair density in the donor area that many claim is barely noticeable. This is the primary difference between the FUE and FUT procedures. 

 To execute a FUE, the hair transplant surgeon typically follows these steps: 

 The donor site is marked and sedated. 

 Individual follicular units are isolated using a custom-built micro-removal device. It’s worth noting how unaffected the surrounding tissue is. 

Follicular units were excised with extreme caution. Within a week, the donor area will heal. 

The receiving area is sedated. Then, your doctor will make small puncture sites to receive the grafts, putting them in a preset pattern and density, and angling the punctures uniformly to create a realistic hair pattern. 

The donor’s hairs are implanted. 

Within a week, the recipient area will heal. 

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