FAQS Of Nasal Deviation (Deviated Septum)

Nasal deviation (deviated septum)

Are there any novel methods available for correcting a deviated septum?
Is cauterization employed?
Typically, cautery is exclusively employed on the turbinate or the initial incision on the columella in open procedures. The septum functions as a structural partition, like to a wall frame within a house. The skin covering it resembles wallpaper, while the inside cartilage resembles drywall. You make an opening in the anterior region of the nose, where it is concealed, and detach the wallpaper from the wall. Subsequently, you can undertake the requisite rectification to the drywall (cartilage) and upon reapplying the “wall paper” (mucosa/skin), the end result will appear as if no alterations were made.
Is nasal packing mandatory following surgery?

Typically, patients will need to pack their nose after a procedure. However, certain individuals may qualify for the placement of tubes or straws within the packing, allowing for direct airflow through the nose. The majority of patients perceive this as a psychological discomfort rather than a physical one.