FAQS Of Cheek Bone Reduction(Reduction Malarplasty)

Reduction Malarplasty, also known as Cheek Bone Reduction, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the prominence of the cheekbones.

Which candidate is the most suitable for this procedure?

Individuals who possess a high level of physical fitness and good health, characterized by prominent cheekbones.

Is it widely practiced?
Affirmative. It is also highly sought after by individuals seeking to feminize their facial features, as having prominent cheekbones (malar) is believed to contribute to a more masculine and hard facial look. Reduction malarplasty is a surgical procedure conducted on individuals who have prominent cheekbones. Asian girls often opt for this widely sought-after operation since it enhances the visual appeal and desirability of an oval or heart-shaped face.

What is the procedure for performing surgery?

The surgery is conducted by making an incision inside the ear, specifically in front of the ear canal, and also from within the mouth. This approach ensures that no visible scars are left behind. The zygomatic arch, also known as the cheekbone, is detached from its foundations and twisted inwards and downwards. Subsequently, the stainless steel wires are used to ensure the security of this.

What may I anticipate post-surgery?

Post-operatively, there will be variable levels of edema. As the swelling subsides, the outcome of the malar reduction becomes increasingly visible, resulting in a seamless and gradual recovery phase after the surgery.