FAQS Of Buttock Lift

Gluteal Lift
Who is eligible for a gluteal lift procedure in Thailand?
Individuals with diminished skin elasticity in the hip region or those experiencing sagging skin in the thighs or buttocks may choose for a buttocks lift procedure.
What is the procedure for performing a buttocks lift?
During a buttock lift procedure, the physician begins by creating an incision that extends from one hipbone to the other on the posterior side of the body. The skin and fat are separated from the underlying structures. Subsequently, the surplus skin and adipose tissue are excised. Prior to suturing the incision, a temporary catheter is inserted to evacuate any surplus fluid from the operative site. Following the closure of the wound, gauze and an elastic compression bandage are administered.
What is the duration of the Buttocks lift surgery?
A buttocks lift typically requires a duration of three to six hours. The answer varies based on the level of treatment needed.
What are the anticipated outcomes of a buttocks lift procedure from the perspective of the patient?
Patient can anticipate enhanced thigh and buttock skin tightness, improved shapes, and reduced skin surface imperfections, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
What are the potential adverse effects associated with a buttocks lift?
Every surgical procedure carries inherent risks and potential adverse effects, and buttock lift surgery is no exception. Patients recovering from surgery should avoid sitting on their buttocks during the postoperative period. Patients may experience significant discomfort during the recovery phase when consistent strain is applied to this region. Common postoperative complications include pain, bleeding, hematoma bruising, numbness of the skin, fluid leakage from the incision site, poor scarring, and discomfort. Pulmonary embolism, however uncommon, can potentially manifest in patients.
What is the duration of the patient’s hospital stay?
Following a buttocks lift procedure, the patient must be hospitalized for a duration of 2 nights.
Do any conspicuous scars remain following a Buttocks lift procedure?
The doctors endeavor to ensure that the scar is confined inside the boundaries of the bikini line. Applying a tattoo over the scar is a shrewd choice for concealing the scars.

What form of anesthesia is administered during buttocks lift surgery?
Prior to a Buttocks lift procedure, the patients are administered a general anesthetic.
At what point can the patient recommence their daily activities?
The patient can resume work after a two-week period. Nevertheless, it may require a duration of up to three months for a patient to regain the ability to engage in vigorous physical exercise.