FAQS Of Adams Apple Shaving

Shaving the Adam’s apple

What are the necessary steps to adequately prepare for surgery?
In order to mitigate potential difficulties and minimize risk factors, it is imperative that you abstain from smoking, consuming alcoholic drinks, ingesting hormone tablets, herbal supplements, and medications (unless specifically permitted by your physician) for a minimum of two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. Individuals afflicted with illnesses want approval from their medical specialist prior to undergoing surgery.

What will be the nature of my post-operative period?
You may encounter transient discomfort accompanied by constriction at the surgical wound location and mild challenges in swallowing.

Will my neck have a perfectly flat and feminine appearance?
The surgeon cannot provide an absolute assurance of achieving a perfectly even outcome, as excessive shaving might cause harm to the voice cords and result in hoarseness.

Will my scar be visible?
Due to the placement of the incision along a natural skin fold in the neck, it will gradually become less noticeable as it heals. If you have a history of developing keloids, it is important to consider the advantages of reducing the prominence of your Adam’s apple compared to the potential drawback of having a noticeable scar on your neck.

What are the potential hazards associated with this surgical procedure?
Similar to other surgical procedures, potential dangers encompass hemorrhaging, negative response to anesthesia, infection, delayed wound healing, nerve damage, and unsatisfactory scarring. Excessive resection might result in the condition of hoarseness, as previously mentioned.