Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery In Thailand

Selective Nerve Root

  • Selective nerve root block injections target specific nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals, providing relief without invasive surgical procedures.
  • This procedure is commonly used to diagnose and treat chronic back pain, sciatica, and other related conditions.
  • Patients often experience significant pain relief and improved mobility after undergoing selective nerve root treatment in Thailand.

Nucleoplasty Without Anesthetic

  • Nucleoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to treat herniated discs without the need for general anesthesia.
  • This innovative technique reduces the size of the herniated disc, relieving pressure on surrounding nerves and alleviating pain.
  • Many patients choose nucleoplasty in Thailand due to its high success rates and minimal recovery time.

Nucleoplasty With Anesthetic

  • Nucleoplasty with local anesthetic is a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgical methods for treating back pain.
  • By using a small probe to target the affected disc, nucleoplasty can provide lasting relief without the risks associated with surgery.
  • Patients considering nucleoplasty in Thailand can benefit from the expertise of highly skilled medical professionals in state-of-the-art facilities.

Vertebroplasty Without Anesthetic

  • Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the injection of bone cement into fractured vertebrae to stabilize the spine.
  • This treatment is often performed without the need for general anesthesia, allowing patients to undergo the procedure with minimal discomfort.
  • Patients who opt for vertebroplasty in Thailand can expect rapid pain relief and improved spinal function without the risks of traditional surgery.

Vertebroplasty With Anesthetic

  • Vertebroplasty with local anesthetic offers a safe and efficient solution for patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures.
  • By injecting bone cement into the affected vertebrae, vertebroplasty can restore stability and alleviate pain without the need for invasive surgery.
  • With the availability of advanced vertebroplasty techniques in Thailand, patients can access the latest innovations in non-surgical back pain treatment.

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